New Holland Agriculture, a division of CNH Industrial, is looking to the future with its Straddle Tractor Concept, designed specifically to meet the challenging demands of wineries with narrow vineyards in premium wine regions such as Champagne, Médoc and Burgundy. New Holland has partnered with Pininfarina to develop its Straddle Tractor Concept.

Pininfarina developed a futuristic design centred on a cab with high standards of comfort and safety and prepared for electric drive in line with New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader strategy. The design of the front of the machine combines functionality and style. Inspired by the shape of a champagne glass – tall and wide at the top and tapered at the bottom – it is a clear reference to the top winegrowers who make up its main customer base.

This shape, together with the wraparound glass, gives the operator exceptional visibility of the vines and all around. Overall, the exterior design stands out for its fluid and dynamic automotive-inspired lines. “We worked as a team with New Holland to create a walk-behind tractor, a concept that offers a completely new experience. We have used the skills we have built up in more than 90 years of car design to combine unique, unmistakable styling with the highest levels of performance, always keeping the human experience at the centre,” commented Kevin Rice, Pininfarina’s Chief Creative Officer.

The interior, easily accessible thanks to the large single door and the swivel seat, offers an extremely comfortable environment. The use of briarwood contributes to the luxurious feel of the cab and again connects to the customers’ business by recalling the wood of wine barrels. “Our innovative walk-behind tractor concept offers a glimpse into the future that premium wineries with narrow vineyards can aspire to. It is the result of New Holland’s long and prestigious tradition in vineyards around the world, combined with the inspired innovation of the legendary design house Pininfarina,” said Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland.