Auto&Design and Alcantara have selected the ten finalists of the competition “Dress Your Vision – Alcantara is on board”, an online competition open to transportation design students and car design enthusiasts. The young creative artists were invited to devise design proposals for future mobility using the Alcantara material in an innovative way.

The projects of the ten finalists will now be evaluated by eight highly qualified jury members: Andrea Boragno, Chairman and CEO of Alcantara, Silvia Baruffaldi, Editor of Auto&Design, Domitilla Dardi, Maxxi Design Curator, Alec Ishihara, Principal (Color Materials) & UX Designer Microsoft, Manuele Amprimo, Chief Interior Design C&T and HMI Lamborghini, Annette Baumeister, Head C&T BMW, Rossella Guasco, Color&Material Design Stellantis and François Farion Design Director, Colors and Materials Groupe Renault. The winning project will be announced on December 3rd on the website and on our social channels.

The Experience

The Experience by Milton Royan Gabriel is the study of a modular interior environment dedicated to the vehicles of the future. The seat can be more traditional or hammock-like for longer trips where self-driving comes into play. Alcantara is used as upholstery and has small air bubbles in its weave that can inflate and deflate to increase comfort and better take the shape of the passenger’s body.

Alcantara Alveare

Alcantara Alveare by Saahil Kapoor takes advantage of the versatile nature of Alcantara to study solutions and upholstery for large-scale shared transportation. In the project, Alcantara covers the hexagonal cell inside which the passengers take their seats, guaranteeing comfort during the journey, a high level of hygiene and cleanliness and good durability.

Alcantara C1

Alcantara C1 by Adam Cal shows the interior in a vehicle that can be used for future urban or short-distance transportation. The interior is upholstered with Alcantara, but to make the most of the material’s properties, the project envisages combining it with a “spandex” fabric that allows it to stretch up to 600% without deforming and losing its properties.

Alcantara New Material Use

Alcantara New Material Use by Marian Vasile Dragon imagines using the material to decorate certain external elements of a first-generation Citroën C4 Cactus. The project thus departs from the more frequent use of Alcantara as an interior upholstery material.


Armor by Takumi Matsuo Imagines a new way of using the red carpet at film festivals. Actors and celebrities will arrive aboard an electric car with red Alcantara interior that they will find as the material of which the red carpet is made once they get out of the car.

Bau Paradise

Bau Paradise by Shota Ozaki imagines Alcantara as the lining of a space dedicated to animals and their owners. While the latter will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing contact with Alcantara, the animals can play relying on the high resistance of the material.

Classic Future

Classic Future by Ryousuke Uemura proposes Alcantara upholstery for the seats of the cars of the future, designed to be inspired by feminine forms and the European artistic and cultural movements of the past. An example? The Classical Period.


Alba by Leary Estrada imagines an autonomous vehicle to transport two passengers in the year 2050. The vehicle’s Alcantara-upholstered interior creates the ideal luxurious in which to relax and sip a Martini or an Asahi beer on the way to a hotel, the airport or any appointment.


Luminosity by Vladimir Pavlov is a car seat created with the aim of increasing the physical contact between the human body and Alcantara, creating a strong connection between the material and the passenger. The pattern that defines the contact points is orange circular lines that can also light up at night with a fluorescent effect.

Music Concept

Music Concept by Ryoga Kihsimoto aims to explore the use of Alcantara also as dedicated upholstery for the audio system on board a vehicle, thanks to its softness and sound absorption capability. In this case, the speakers could be placed in the Alcantara seat, thus creating a connection between materials.