Toyota has shown 16 new concept cars that will follow its electrification strategy and will be presented as production models by 2030. In total, the Japanese group, which also counts the bZ and Lexus brands, plans to introduce a total of 30 new zero-emission models by the end of the decade. “Each new electric car we will introduce will be unique and special and will adapt to a wide range of user needs,” says Simon Humphries, Design Senior General Manager at Toyota Motor Corporation.

The bZ brand lineup

“Innovation and versatility will be the common denominators of all our cars, whether they are based on a platform specifically designed for electric or vehicles that use existing architectures,” Humphries continues. Four concepts have been unveiled under the Toyota brand: Pickup EV, Compact Cruiser EV, an SUV coupé that anticipates the lines of the next Toyota C-HR (Small SUEV), a compact crossover (Crossover EV), a sports car (Sports EV), a microcar for urban mobility (Micro Box) and a zero emission van (Mid Box).

The Lexus brand lineup

The bZ range will initially consist of seven models based on the e-Tnga platform, of which five have been unveiled: bZ4X (SUV coming in 2022), bZ Compact Suv (coupe SUV), bZ Compact Crossover (urban crossover designed for Europe and Japan), bZ Sdn (sedan) and bZ Large Suv (full-size high-wheel). Finally, Lexus. The premium brand will go electric-only in Europe, the US and China by 2030 The first will be the RZ coupe SUV in 2022, derived from the LF-Z Electrified concept car, followed by the Electrified Sport, a sports car with solid-state batteries, a large SUV (Electrified SUV) and a zero-emission sports sedan (Electrified Sedan).