Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept is a free and full of character illustration of an object imagined to experience leisure time in a new way. The Citroën design team led by Pierre Leclerq has come up with this totally untamed Ami, thinking of all those who are looking for an object with a strong personality, electric, easy to use and with an incredible character. “We looked for inspiration in the world of construction toys for their fun and functional aspect, in industrial design for the ergonomics and aesthetics that characterise everyday objects, in fashion accessories (trainers, sports equipment, glasses, etc.). For example, the camera and smartphone mounts with their simple shapes were inspired by the work of designers who created essential and timeless consumer objects in the second half of the last century,” explains Samuel Pericles, Designer of My Ami Buggy.

Resting firmly on its large sculpted wheels, My Ami Buggy has a decidedly adventurous character, highlighted at the front and rear by its bull-bars, hubcaps and headlamp grilles, bumpers and grille with chevrons at the centre. At the sides, enlarged and reworked wheel arches and tubular guards at the base of the doors give the silhouette a more muscular appearance. The LED light bar at the front of the roof adds an “adventurous” touch when driving at night or in fog. Once the vehicle is stationary, everything is ready for a ‘campfire’ atmosphere created by the light diffused by this bar and the sound of the playlist, transmitted by the portable speaker.

My Ami Buggy Concept is clad in a two-tone bodywork that gives it an attractive and dynamic appearance: Anodized Khaki at the front and Speckled Black at the rear, a play on symmetry that also aims to clearly distinguish the front from the rear of the vehicle. Three elements of the My Ami Buggy Concept’s cabin have been the subject of meticulous design work: the seats, the storage compartments and the luggage. The car features new Advanced Comfort seat padding whose foam thickness has increased from 35 mm to 70 mm. The use of memory foam has made the cushions light and soft. They are easy to remove from the shell and are interchangeable and washable. Their packaging, which consists of assembling two shells on top of each other, is inspired by the design of a buoy, and creates a link with the world of beach accessories. The storage compartments are practical and portable. Each has its function in the cockpit, but can be carried outside for a picnic or an excursion.